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Malaysian Population

The Malaysian Population is comprised of three main races: Malays, Chinese and Indians. The projected and forecasted Malaysian population as of 2009 is about 28.3 million. Malaysia is not a very populated country if compared with the larger neighbouring countries like Thailand and Indonesia, though it is ranked at 43rd most populated country in the world.The Malays would politically label themselves as Bumiputera which literary means Prince of the Earth. They are the majority race at 65% of the population.

By being a Bumiputera, they can get some preferential status and aid from the Government. Such affirmative action was suppose to alleviate their poorer economic situation but through the years, has only brought about an elite group to the business fore while still left many struggling to improve themselves economically.The Chinese are comprised of various ethnic with spoken dialects of Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese, Teochew with the unifying common spoken language of Mandarin. The Chinese are the second majority at about 26% of the population and they are one of the main driving forces behind the Malaysia Economy.The Indians includes the spoken language of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Punjabi. And they comprise about 8% of the population


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